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I was approached by Barbara Saylor to review her book The Story Hour Library Volume One. I had heard of the book before and was delighted to see just what it is all about. The subtitle to this book is Developing Character: Teaching Character Using Popular Children’s Story Books. This volume is packed with summaries […]

AJ Whiting

I love The Story Hour Library Volume 1: Developing Character! As a home educating mother of 6 children ages 3-16, I appreciate lessons and activities that engage different ages and teach solid core values and morals. The author has chosen amazing children’s literature with wonderful stories and dynamic illustrations. She gives a thorough synopsis of […]


I absolutely LOVE this book! The format is simple, yet so packed full of useful ideas. It’s easy to use, easy to understand, and easy to find what you’re looking for. The Table of Contents is both alphabetized and categorized, the summaries make it possible to adlib the story on your own if you can’t […]


Do you ever look around at people in the world today and think that something has gone terribly wrong? I see YouTube videos of fist fights between children, girls video blogging racist rants against their peers and mothers beating each other on the subway while their babies watch. I even read a story recently about […]