AJ Whiting

I love The Story Hour Library Volume 1: Developing Character! As a home educating mother of 6 children ages 3-16, I appreciate lessons and activities that engage different ages and teach solid core values and morals. The author has chosen amazing children’s literature with wonderful stories and dynamic illustrations. She gives a thorough synopsis of each recommended book. While I have easily found each selection available in our local library, I would love to build a family library of the books she lists. With each story, the author offers questions for discussion which are wonderful conversion builders for all ages as we discuss the importance of each character trait and how we can exemplify them in our lives. My favorite part of the book, however, has to be the various activities she has listed to go with each story/character trait. They are so fun, diverse, and engaging. The activities are what make my children so excited every time I bring out this book. They know we are going to read a wonderful story, and a great discussion and then get to do fun activities such crafts, recipes, games, service projects, art, and more. the creativity and variety of activities to complement each character trait are so unique and truly help them remember what we have learned!

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