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Children’s story books are wonderful resources for teaching character building. This book provides summaries and activities for 50 popular children’s books that explore values and principles including honesty, kindness, responsibility, self-discipline, respect, courage, and many, many more. For example, “The Empty Pot” engages children in a discussion of honesty and integrity; and “Babushka’s Doll” and “Tooth Fairy’s First Night” invite a discussion about patience. All 50 selections are books written by well-known authors, and the books are easily accessible at local libraries.

Each double-page spread in “Developing Character: Teaching Character Using Popular Children’s Story Books” includes a summary of one children’s book, discussion points, activity ideas with instructions, and an activity page. A text box next to the book title on each spread lists the character traits and life skills found in the story themes. This book is a resource and guide for selecting good children’s books and engaging children in discussion and activities that focus on developing and building character. It is a user-friendly resource to help parents, teachers, and home-schoolers teach moral lessons.

What people think of Story Hour Library

I absolutely LOVE this book! The format is simple, yet so packed full of useful ideas. It’s easy to use, easy to understand, and easy to find what you’re looking for…

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Do you ever look around at people in the world today and think that something has gone terribly wrong? I see YouTube videos of fist fights between children….

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I love this! The fact that the character traits are there to reference is incredible! As a homeschooler this book is heart warming, true character is what makes amazing people, people whom mothers raise and teach to become so! What a fabulous book!!!

I got my degree in Elementary Education and a book like this is perfect!

This book is genius!! I would love my daughter to have self confidence. More than anything I think a high self esteem is important because if kids believe in themselves they can do anything or overcome anything!

I love The Story Hour Library Volume 1: Developing Character! As a home educating mother of 6 children ages 3-16, I appreciate lessons and activities that…

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